Our impact

For parents and schools, Skate After School is a safe place for kids to be and grow. Students learn generosity, respect, innovation, and persistence (GRIP) as they master kick turns and ollies. These values help kids succeed in both skateboarding and life.

  • We get kids moving

    We get kids moving

    47% of our students do not play any other sports.

    Skate After School attracts kids who enjoy the challenge and creativity skateboarding provides.

    graphic of skater jumping a ramp over football equipment
  • We’re engaging

    We’re engaging

    For 49% of our kids, Skate After School is the only extracurricular club they participate in.

    We create a fun, safe environment that kids want to stay at school for.

    Skate After School is number one
  • We make skating fun for everyone

    We make skating fun for everyone

    Skate After School is a space where kids of all genders thrive.

    Skateboarding is not just a sport for boys—nearly half of our students identify as a girl or non-binary.

    53 percent of Skate After School kids are male and 47 percent are female

If I do a trick and land it, I know that if I worked hard for it, I can do the same thing at school.

Watch the video to hear from students how Skate After School impacts their lives.